Who we are

Kruger, Swart and Associates is a consultancy based in Pniel, just outside Stellenbosch South Africa, specialising in the development of sustainable value chains. We offer business and sector development services to both private and public-sector clients in Southern Africa and internationally. Our team has over 10 years’ experience in developing and implementing sustainable development strategies for large and small businesses, industry organizations, international development agencies and government. The consultancy provides professional and customized solutions, focussed on the implementation of social standards, the growth of sustainable value chains and integrated capacity building of all actors in these value chains.

Our Mission & Objectives

Enabling sustainable value chain development in Southern Africa
To grow our capacity and the capacity of our network to do what we do in a wider environment, through investment in human resources, product development, improved technology and expanded international networks and satellites.


SKA was established in 2008 in response to agricultural companies’ need for information and support to achieve Fairtrade and other sustainability certification and the need of international standards owners and certification bodies to engage with local stakeholders to ensure locally relevant interpretation and application of standards. Over the years we have expanded our research, consultancy and training services in response to the challenges our clients face. Our team has successfully implemented research-based, participatory capacity-building projects for sector and value chain development in several standards and policy environments since 2008, and continue to work with all our past clients on new challenges.

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