Sector development

We are experts in networking, coordination and stakeholder facilitation.

We facilitate the development of sector strategies that meet the stakeholders’ specific objectives. Projects are initiated by national or international government department or agencies, or by industry associations. This service entails stakeholder mapping and profiling, matching needs with appropriate service providers, partners or programmes, and the organization and facilitation of workshops and strategic conferences.

South African Rooibos Council: Secretariat 2015 - ongoing As the Secretariat of the South African Rooibos Council, SKA actively engages public and private sector stakeholders to ensure the development of a vibrant industry able to capitalize on opportunity and mitigate risk.
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CBI – Business Support Organization Programme 2014 - 2018

As the local expert for the CBI Natural Ingredients Export Coaching Programme in South Africa, SKA has supported international experts to work with government departments, local development agencies and industry organizations to develop a Natural Ingredients Sector Strategy.

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Western Cape Natural Product Sector 2012 -2013 SKA assisted the Department of Economic Development and Tourism to develop a common vision and development platform for the Natural Ingredients sector in the Western Cape.
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